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Ананас. А на вас?

Posted in Today by bendyourcircuit on 06/06/2010

Всъщност, търсех колко тежи един средно голям ананас*. Вместо това, Гугълът ми изплю на първо място ето тази страница:

Първоначално обелих очи, после ги обелих още повече. Не, честно, какво е това?!

How to Lose Weight Eating Pineapple

People have many different beliefs about what can help them lose weight whether it is magical cookies,

Да, знам едни, дето ти подменят чарковете…

peanut butter, an all popcorn diet

А аз защо си мислех, че главата е на раменете, за да се ползва?!

and so forth. Now pineapple is the newest weight loss food fad. But scientists have studied the effects of pineapple on the body and feel that there might be some connection with eating pineapple and weight loss.


Find out the good news first. Pineapple contains an enzyme called bromelain which turns out to be a natural anti-inflammatory ingredient that can also strengthen muscles and skin elasticity. It has been know to help prevent the onset of cellulite.

Гугълнах го. Има цял чаршаф с приложения – HIV, ин витро, възпаления, изгарания, но нито дума за ЦЕЛУЛИТ.

Start by buy a few pineapples at the store. Slowly incorporate them into your diet instead of eating them and only them throughout the day. Put a few pieces on your plate with your meal or make a fruit cocktail.

Да, аз ще продължавам да ям боклуци и да се спихвам от обездвижване, иначе отслабвам с две парчета ананас в менюто.

Move onto eating just the pineapple in any way you wish. Try it for three days to a week and see if you find any results from eating it all day long. Do not make yourself sick; if you feel unwell because of this fad diet, then stop it immediately.

Какво казах за главата?!

Weigh yourself at the end of the diet term and see if you have any results. If you lost one pound, then great, if you lost five then great. But make sure you don’t stay on this diet permanently because it will only lead to gaining even more weight back when you finally stop. Do it in intervals.


Баси, дали не смятат читателите си за пълни идиоти, а?

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*Един средно голям ананас тежи около 1 килограм.

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  1. cam said, on 07/06/2010 at 2:59

    haahha…. s kakvi gluposti si pulnqt horata glavite, ne e istina.

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