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‘Новите медии’ в Иран

Posted in Today by bendyourcircuit on 13/06/2009

Ахмадинеджад бе преизбран за президент на Иран.

Mousavi alleged there had been irregularities in the voting, including a shortage of ballot papers. He also accused the authorities of blocking text messaging, which his campaign has used to reach young voters. Al Jazeera’s Alireza Ronaghi, reporting from Tehran, said the blocking of text messages had been announced by the ministry of communication.

„We haven’t heard what the reason for this is, but we know that Ahmadinejad’s campaigners and supporters have accused the reformists of trying to plot riots and acts of unrest after the election,“ he said.
„We have also heard that some of the newspapers have been given notices to change their editorials or their main headlines.“

Al Jazeera

Както изглежда, изборната схватка между Ахмадинеджад и опонента му Мусави, е имала и специфично медийно измерение:

местни избори в турция

Posted in Today by bendyourcircuit on 21/04/2009

вчера в неделя се завърнах от амстердам, но продължавам да бълнувам за истанбул. ето как се провежда рекламна кампания за местни избори в турция – вместо плакати, флагчета, които много приличат на будистките молитвени флагчета.



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